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The Universidade de Lisboa Libraries include 59 Libraries and Documentation Centers, with a total of 198.876 registered readers, and occupy an area of about 35.000m2, geographically spread throughout the city of Lisbon.
There are 3350 reading stations, as well as 500 computer workstations meant for the academic community and for the general population. Within these numbers there are workstations for students with special educational needs, reading stations, universia stations, with full access to wireless internet.

In order to satisfy its users’ needs (students, professors, researchers and non-academic staff), the Universidade de Lisboa Libraries specialize in several themed domains, providing varied services, such as consultations and in-person book readings, periodicals, monographies, electronic and cartographical documents, book loans, access to data bases, and training.


Bibliographical Collections

Bibliographical Records – 1.403.599
Collections – 25
Analytical documents and articles – 40.794
Periodicals (total) – 585.239
Monographies – 1.218.425
Online Accesses b-on – 1.185.118
Data Base – 1.185.118


Articles – 7.826
Conference documents – 7.826
Books and Book chapters – 2.397
Doctoral Thesis – 3.499
Masters Dissertations – 11.467
Downloads – 1.835.041
Searches and consultations – 848.884