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Portuguese Language Course

Cursos de línguas

Portuguese Language Course

University of Lisbon carries out an inclusive policy concerning the incoming students that participate in the Erasmus+ Programme, offering them, among other possibilities, the opportunity of attending Portuguese as a Foreign Language courses.

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The fore mentioned course allows all the Erasmus+ Programme students to develop previously acquired language skills enabling the assimilation of the contents lectured in portuguese while also providing an easier adaptation to life in Portugal.

2 kinds of courses are available:

| 2 months long intensive course at some off Cidade Unviersitária’s Campus (IST, FA, FMH and FMV);
| 1 semester long courses at School of Arts of and Humanities;

All courses are designed in cooperation with ICLP (Instituto de Cultura e Língua Portuguesa) at School of Arts and Humanities.


Being an Erasmus + Student at one of Universidade de Lisboa’s Schools.


| Application Form
| ULisboa Student’s Card
| Certificate stating the student is currently carrying an Erasmus+ mobility in one of Universidade de Lisboa’s Schools;
| ID copy
| 1 photo

Entry fee: 75,00€.

If you seek more information about applying and participating in one of these courses, we advise students to contact the Erasmus/International Office at your hosting School at Universidade de Lisboa.

Certificate and ECTS:At the end of the course, and as along at least 75% of the classes have been attended, successfully approved students will receive a Certificate and a recognition corresponding to 6 ECTS.