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The Master in Philosophy is a study cycle leading to a Master’s degree in Philosophy. The study cycle has the duration of two years (120 ECTS): the first one is a curricular year (60 ECTS), and it is composed of eight curricular disciplines (each UC: 7,5 ECTS); the second one is the year dedicated to the preparation of the Master’s dissertation (44 ECTS) and it comprises two research seminars (one: 8 ECTS). The curricular year is composed of six disciplines of Philosophy and two free options. The six disciplines of Philosophy are chosen among those offered each year (the offer may change from one year to the other) and are divided in four disciplinary groups: the group Logos, which includes disciplines of philosophy of language, science and cognition; the group Dianoia, which includes disciplines of history of philosophy in Europe and in the world; the group Kalos, which includes disciplines of aesthetics; and the group Praxis, including disciplines of ethics and political philosophy. Each student has autonomy to compose his or her curricular path and to choose the supervisor for the dissertation, counting on the support of the study cycle’s director. The study cycle provides a specialized formation in Philosophy, which complements the 1st degree in Philosophy and other 1st cycle studies, and it promotes autonomous research, which is necessary to the prosecution of studies, namely, 3rd cycle studies (PhD).

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Applicants for the MA study programme must hold: a) a BA or legally equivalent degree; b) a degree from a foreign university, awarded after the successful completion of the 1st cycle of studies under the Bologna Process by a signatory country; c) a degree from a foreign university that, according to the Scientific Council, meets the learning outcomes of a BA; d) a school, scientific or professional curriculum that the Scientific Council regards as expressive of the student’s capacity to successfully complete this cycle of studies.
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Fee - 1st year (indicative) 
Fee - remaining years (indicative)