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Portuguese as a Foreign Language / Second Language

Portuguese as a Foreign Language / Second Language

Master Degree
School of Arts and Humanities
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This course consolidates tradition, both from the point of view of scientific knowledge and from the point of view of experience and know-how, projecting itself into the future from the most innovative research that from either a literary, cultural and linguistic perspective has been developed in the teaching/research area of Foreign Language (FL) / Second Language (L2). The course presents, therefore, opportunities for training and research in an area of specialization that is now in full development, particularly in what concerns the study of Portuguese in an FL/ L2 perspective. Its specific objectives are: a) to promote research and critical reflection on the Portuguese Language problem (PFL / PL2); b) to develop competencies in an intercultural perspective in the area of Education in contexts of linguistic and cultural diversity; c) develop in students’ strategic skills aimed at solving problems in unfamiliar situations, in multicultural contexts; d) to develop pluricultural skills necessary for the management of cultural diversity; e) to develop in the student’s competences to deal with questions in the area of teaching, learning, Portuguese Language Assessment (PFL / PL2). The course thus opens employment and study opportunities at the level of the development of the presence of the Portuguese language in the world and of its growing role as an international language of communication.

National Admission 

National Admission Exams 
Those legally determined in Article 15 of the University of Lisbon Post-Graduate Studies Regulation (Ordinance No. 2950/2015, DR, 2nd Series, No. 57, 23 March 2015): a) candidates with a Bachelor degree or any legally equivalent degree; b) candidates with a foreign academic degree, attributed as part of a 1st cycle of studies in accordance with the principles of the Bologna Process by a state participating in this Process; c) candidates with a foreign academic degree that is recognized as fulfilling the goals of a Bachelor degree by the Scientific Council of the School where they are applying to; d) candidates with an academic, scientific or professional curriculum that confirms capacities for the completion of the programme and is recognized by the Scientific Council of the School where they are applying to.
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