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Postgraduate and PhD Advanced Course in Stem Cell Technology

Postgraduate and PhD Advanced Course in Stem Cell Technology

Health, Sport Sciences
Training / Specialization Complement
Unidade Orgânica 
Faculty of Pharmacy
Professor Responsável 
Susana Solá (FFUL) e Christa Rhiner (Fundação Champalimaud)
5 dias
Ano / Semestre 
  • 2022/2023
  • 1º Semestre
Day time
A 5-days course addressing the relevance and role of stem cells in different situations and conditions, from multiple tissue homeostasis to cancer, and their engineering and use as a basis for Advanced Therapies in multiple pathological conditions, neurological and other emerging fields. The benefits and risks of stem cell use will also be addressed.

The Course was designed to train Investigators from Research Institutes and/or Industry using stem cell technologies, providing the knowledge necessary to understand stem cell plasticity and consider innovative stem cell-based strategies for treating a range of devastating disorders, such as neurodegenerative Alzheimer´s , Parkinson and others.. It also clarifies how pharmacology and toxicology benefit from emerging scale-up stem cell technologies.

Saídas Profissionais 
Researchers in training or belonging to research institutes or industry laboratories with the aim of developing work in stem cell-based therapies.
the couse is dedicated to researchers needing update and specialization in stem cell - based technology, dissease knowledge, and their use for therapeutic approaches


Condições de Acesso 
Competence in research in health-related sciences, like pharmaceutical sciences, biology, biochemistry, and cell engineering.

Parceiros e Apoios

Faculdade de Farmácia. ULisboa, Fundação Champalimaud; Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Lisboa