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MSc - Master Degree
Faculty of Human Kinetics
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Data de Acreditação A3ES 
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6 anos
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R/A-Cr 27/2022
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Football training has evolved towards complexity and specialization. The Faculty of Human Motricity - University of Lisbon (FMH/UL), in collaboration with the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF), consider it essential to implement an innovative study plan in the field of Football training, which responds to the growing needs of technical and scientific development of the coach and other members of the technical teams.

This cycle of studies aims to provide students with specific and advanced training, at a theoretical/practical level in the area of football training, preparing them for contexts where they develop tasks of supervision and leadership of training/competition processes, observation and game analysis, or training control.

For this purpose, the development of skills in this cycle of studies is harmoniously articulated and integrated into real contexts of professional practice, over two years of training, culminating in the possibility of carrying out a professional internship or dissertation.


This study cycle aims to provide the students with an advanced and specific theoretical-practical formation, in thefootball training area, preparing them for multidisciplinary contexts, where assessment, planning, technical orientationand investigation tasks will be developed in a sequential fashion.
Due to the multidisciplinary constitution of a football technical staff, and since there are multiple functions and tasksinherent to the different professional development processes, this program general objectives are: 1) qualifyprofessionals to supervise and lead training and competition contexts, 2) enable professionals in the health area,particularly to enhance performance and injury prevention/recovery, 3) prepare professionals for the observation andmatch analysis, 4) promote a close relationship between research and real football practice scenarios, and 5)encourage multidisciplinary and continuous training for the professionals of a football technical staff.

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Football Coach Football Assistant Coach Football Strength and Conditioning Staff Game Analysis Scouting Sport Sciences Researcher (Football)
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