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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

BSc - Licenciatura's Degree
IST Técnico Lisboa
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6 anos
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R/A-Cr 179/2020
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Mechanical Engineering is fundamental in the manufacture of the different objects we use daily, from our bicycle to notebooks, as well as in the automation of the world around us. The role of a mechanical engineer is to analyze, design and design components, tools, machines and equipment, and also perform functions of organization and management of production in an industry.


Mechanical engineering is a professional activity regulated by the Order of Engineers (OE) that consists of the application of theoretical, practical and experimental knowledge, framed by constraints of an economic, social, ethical and environmental nature, to the conception, design, manufacture, control and management of products, processes, equipment and energy and technological systems. The degree in mechanical engineering is organized in a model with a total duration of 6 semesters. The curricular plan was designed with the objective of investing in a long-term and multidisciplinary training at the level of basic engineering sciences, seeking to expose students to the main areas of knowledge of mechanical engineering through the realization of at least a total of 12 ECTS of UCs of each of these areas.

At the end of the degree in mechanical engineering, students should have obtained a solid training in basic sciences and in engineering sciences based on an updated scientific and technological knowledge that will allow them to:
• Develop skills to, in a creative, critical, autonomous and interdisciplinary way, conceive, design, manufacture and operate mechanical engineering systems and products;
• Apply the knowledge and understanding acquired in solving problems in new and unfamiliar situations, in broad and multidisciplinary contexts;
• Adopt a professional, adult and responsible attitude as informed citizens who have a solid scientific, technical, human and ethical background;
• Understand that mechanical engineering is an extremely vast and interdisciplinary area of knowledge that requires constant updating throughout life.

Career prospects 
For Mechanical engineers is very easy the integration in the labor market as employers continue to seek in this broad-spectrum higher education the good qualities systematically demonstrated over time by their professionals. The professional outputs of mechanical engineers are extremely diverse, deserving to be highlighted: • the project offices • the mechanical and thermal equipment manufacturing industries • energy production and HVAC • companies,maintenance activities and operations management,project • evaluation and consultancy tasks in service companies (banks and insurance companies) • the technical-commercial activities • the industrial research and development laboratories.

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07 Física e Química + 19 Matemática A
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