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Ergonomics in the resilience of labor organizations

Ergonomics in the resilience of labor organizations

Health, Sport Sciences
Training / Specialization Complement
Unidade Orgânica 
Faculty of Human Kinetics
Professor Responsável 
Teresa Cotrim
8 meses
Ano / Semestre 
  • 2022/2023
  • 2º Semestre
Início da Candidatura 
Início do Curso 
Knowledge and skills to train professionals in the Ergonomics, Health and Safety at Work, Occupational Health and related areas to promote work systems, so that the results of safety and health are adequate

This postgraduate course, in line with Recommendation No. 205 of the International Labour Organization, responds to the growing complexity of work systems, which determine an articulation of the principles of Ergonomics and Human Factors with the needs arising from an increasingly relevant presence of new technologies in work contexts and scenarios of uncertainty with impact on occupational safety and health. 
Knowledge and skills are developed in the promotion of work systems that are able to operate under changing conditions, so that the results of safety and health are adequate, enabling professionals to prevent the occurrence of errors and failures, accidents and incidents, and adverse events in organizations. 
This course is addressed to all Occupational Safety Technicians and Professionals in the areas of Occupational Health and Safety, Ergonomics and Occupational Health who are required, according to Law nº 42 of 2012, to partake in scientific and technical continuing education. The course is also geared for all other professionals who wish to update their knowledge in the field of ergonomics and resilience of organizations.


Participantes em geral: 390,00€ | Estudantes da FMH: 220,00€ | Estudantes da 1ª edição da PGEROL que pretendem apenas realizar o projeto: 200 euros
Condições de Acesso 
Have a bachelor's degree or legal equivalent in the field of ergonomics, or related areas within the scope of health and safety at work. Be an expert in the field with proven professional experience of more than 5 years.

Parceiros e Apoios

Direção Geral da Saúde, Visteon, Associação Portuguesa de Ergonomia