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Biosystematics of bryophytes, lichens and fungi.

Biosystematics of bryophytes, lichens and fungi.

Natural Resources, Environment, Energy
Training / Specialization Complement
Unidade Orgânica 
National Museum of Natural History and Science
Professor Responsável 
César Garcia, Palmira Carvalho
Ano / Semestre 
  • 2022/2023
  • 2º Semestre
Making use of the herbaria collections, this course explores bryophytes, lichens and fungi's diversity and provide tools for identification of representative families and genera of the Portuguese flora

The course aims to provide intensive training on the diversity of bryophytes, lichens and fungi, providing tools to identify the most common families and genera in Portugal. The course explores topics such as an introduction to classification; introduction to morphology and anatomy; types of reproduction; geographic distribution; ecological importance; herborization of specimens; importance of collections. Includes visit to MUHNAC's cryptogamy collections and field and laboratory work.