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Clarification session on the "Buddy System" application

aplicação Buddy System

Clarification session on the "Buddy System" application

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On the next 4th of February, ULisboa will host a clarification session on the Buddy System application, a mentoring program aimed at mobility students.

The Buddy System is an application that allows structuring a mentoring program at participating institutions, with the aim of promoting the preparation and integration of mobility students, both from Unite! as well as other programs, and new international students, with the support of regular students. The application that allows you to “pair” students (the Buddy or mentor, and the international student), to promote the integration of international students in the host institution and to encourage the “internalization at home” of local students.

Next Friday, the 4th, a session will be held at ULisboa about the Buddy System for its implementation at Unite! level, through each university participating in the Alliance. This session will be presented by INP Grenoble, and will be attended by representatives of the mobility and international relations offices of the ULisboa schools.

This session takes place as part of the Unite! Task Force 3 workshop dedicated to Mobility issues within the Alliance, which will take place on the 3rd and 4th of February in Lisbon.



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