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Enjoy Unite!'s cultural diversity

Unite!'s cultural diversity

Enjoy Unite!'s cultural diversity

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Within Unite! intercultural encounters are learning opportunities for our community, we can enhance our global competence and create a new and mutual understanding together.

As part of the Unite! community, all members will meet people from different parts of Europe and beyond, specially students and faculty. Even more so, the alliance facilitates the intercultural environments to actively work with people from different backgrounds, as this is our approach at the very core of the foundation of our European alliance. Cultural factors influence how we communicate and understand others, and differences not acknowledged and addressed can easily lead to misunderstandings, confusion and frustration. 

In order to fully enjoy the challenge of diversity we must find ways to improve our global competence, understood as the capacity to communicate and work effectively and appropriately with people from different backgrounds. Doing so requires awareness, training and an open minded approach to cultural diversity. It is also a fun process that can benefit you in many other ways, because with cultural diversity comes the possibility to learn new things from other people allowing you to come up with new ideas to common challenges. Unite! will provide you with both the setting and the tools needed to develop your global competence helping you grow both as a professional and as a person.

This video sums up the alliance approach and understanding of global competence:


How can you do it? 
Unite!’s Multilingual and Multicultural Training Center will help students, faculty and staff by offering the appropriate guidance, help and services to bring together this mobile community.
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