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Smart Urban Mobility (redeMOV)

Smart Urban Mobility (redeMOV)

The establishment of a Thematic Interdisciplinary Network in the Smart Urban Mobility (redeMOV) aims to mobilize professors/ researchers from this field to, according to specialized differentiation levels, promote its respective integration into national and international networks.

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RedeMOV aims to approach new perspectives on urban mobility as current solutions go beyond planning and transportation management systems, widening into an accessibility management system of goods and services which ensure social equity and cohesion as well as minimal environmental impact.

Driven to innovative management systems, redeMOV seeks out for a more rational, efficient and eco-sustainable form of research, towards new and/or alternative transports and transportation modes, promoting and facilitating the unreplaceable roles of intermodality and multimodality.

RedeMOV promotes the conceptualization and development of new systems that allow for the replacement/reduction of motorized displacement needs by intertwining ICT, urbanism and urban logistics.

Aiming to surpass the strict dominions of “vehicle”, “transportation modes”, “infrastructures” and their relations, redeMOV intends to cover the behavioural aspects, the mobility/urbanism/land management relations, the transportation sharing economy and the accessibility to different modes of transportation.